Awarezen exists to to help co-create all things anew. We do this by inviting peace and presence, grace and compassion to manifest in human consciousness so that this planet becomes a hospitable home for all, saturated with life, love, and light—through the power of Christ in luminous hope of the new heavens and new earth.


On this transformative journey, we seek to dissolve deceptions and evoke new consciousness of what is real within and without. We connect to the deepest dimensions of being alive and awake.

"In the radiance of awareness without centre or circumference, grace breaks through unexpectedly and lovingly to draw all that one is into newness of life beyond all preconceptions. Be free where you are, for freely being is who you are, in and by grace." (Chris Kang)

Awarezen is an online meditation centre and school, offering distinctive signature programs free of charge. Individual consultation and mentoring customized to each person is available, for free.


Most of all, Awarezen is a contemplative community formed in grace and truth: embodying wisdom and compassion and practising  awareness, insight, and nonduality for a culture of awakening.

helping co-create all things anew