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Fri, 02 Aug


Awarezen Gompa

Nondual Vipassana Initiation

Awarezen's introduction to nondual vipassana by receiving direct pointing-out instructions on mind's selfless luminosity in a short guided meditation session.

Nondual Vipassana Initiation
Nondual Vipassana Initiation

Time & Location

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02 Aug 2024, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Awarezen Gompa

About the event

Nondual Vipassana (clear seeing) is a new online offering of regular initiations into the Direct Path that sits at the heart of the Great Christic Consummation Path of Total Awakening. Traditionally, vipassana practice is an integral part of the meditative process whereby a pliant, malleable, still, and unified mind is skilfully employed to observe and see deeply into the nature of experiential reality without filter or bias. Such clear seeing elicits deep insight that dislodges defilements of attachment, hostility, and delusion (or grasping at an inherent self) from the mind. 

The practices of blissful equanimous stillness (shamatha) and clear seeing (vipassana) are indivisibly conjoined. They are not so much two separate techniques or systems of meditation as commonly believed but two sygnergistic and integrated aspects of a single meditative process. Hence, it is important to learn and apply both shamatha and vipassana without artificially dividing them into separate systems. 

Awarezen's signature nondual vipassana not only echoes this spirit of integrated practice but is nondualistic in a specific way. This approach of vipassana includes fundamental observations of experiential reality in its bare phenomenological expressions as well as deeper inquiry into the ontological foundations of this reality. Phenomenology means what appears to direct immediate observation. Ontology means what truly exists at the essential level insofar as this is accessible by experience. 

Furthermore, nondual vipassana seeks to penetrate beyond surface dimensions of our experience so that the innermost dimension of our being becomes manifest. This innermost dimension is beyond words and ideas, beyond notions of subject and object, and is none other than consciousness but not of the six senses (eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind). This consciousness can be described in terms of the 3Ps — Pure. Pristine. Primordial. Yet this consciousness is not a "thing" or "object" to be grasped. It is consciousness without a surface or landing place. Consciousness without a surface does not abide anywhere. It is not located in a place or at a point in time. Consciousness is thus none other than sheer emptiness of inherent existence.

Nondual Vipassana Initiation (NVI) is Awarezen's offering to sincere intelligent meditators who aspire to be masterfully introduced into this most exquisite yet ordinary dimension of who you really are. In catching even a glimpse of this profundity of your being, you open up tremendous possibilities for maturing your inner potentials and transforming your experience of life towards full and final freedom. In fact, you cannot actually "see" or "glimpse" this reality. You can only know it by being it. This is surrender of all that you are not.

Awarezen's vipassana transmission was received through my heart teacher Acariya Godwin Samararatne of the Nilambe tradition, Bhante Shravasti Dhammika, and Luang Por Ajahn Kalyano (in the Thai forest tradition of Luang Por Ajahn Chah). In addition, careful study and experience of documented teachings of respected masters such as Mahasi Sayadaw, Sayagyi U Ba Khin, Ajahn Thanissaro, Luang Por Ajahn Sumedho, Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Jiddu Krishnamurti augment the Lineage.

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