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Everyday Dzogchen

Everyday Dzogchen

Everyday Dzogchen is Awarezen's distinctive presentation of the profound and pinnacled path of the Great Perfection where the innermost essence of mind and its effulgent display are co-emergently realized. Awarezen's lineage teachers of Dzogchen are Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (1938-2018) and primarily Lama Alan Wallace (b. 1950).


Everyday Dzogchen will be taught and transmitted over 7 weeks covering the foundations to the pinnacle of the Great Perfection. The training will encompass the four revolutions in outlook, relative and ultimate bodhicitta, dzogchen guru yoga, and the integrated process of shamatha (serene stillness), vipassana (clear seeing), trekcho (cut through), and togal (leap over).


Email to indicate interest. When there is sufficient interest for a small group of students, dates will be organized for sessions to be conducted over Zoom.

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