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Everyday Vipassana

Everyday Vipassana

Everyday Vipassana is Awarezen's distinctive presentation of the profound and liberating path of insight conjoined with calm as taught by the Buddha and transmitted through ancient Buddhist traditions of Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. Awarezen's lineage teachers of samatha-vipassana (calm and insight) include Acariya Godwin Samararatne (1932-2000), Bhante Shravasti Dhammika (in the lineage of Venerable M. Sangharatana Mahathera and Anagarika Dharmapala 1864-1933), and Luang Por Ajahn Kalyano (in the Thai forest lineage of Luang Por Ajahn Chah 1918-1992).


Everyday Vipassana will be taught and transmitted over 7 weeks covering the foundations to the pinnacle of the path. The training will encompass ethical training, cultivation of the four sublime attitudes, guarding the sense doors, developing the four domains of mindfulness, and enacting insight into change (anicca), dissatisfaction (dukkha), and non-self (anatta) culminating in utter release and relinquishment into the deathless (nibbana).


Email to indicate interest. When there is sufficient interest for a small group of students, dates will be organized for sessions to be conducted over Zoom.

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