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Everyday Zen

Everyday Zen

Everyday Zen is Awarezen's distinctive presentation of the method of no-method seamlessly infused with critical inquiry in Chinese Chan or Zen. Awarezen's lineage teachers of silent illumination and critical phrase inspection include Chan master Shengyen (1931-2009) and Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh (1926-2022).


Everyday Zen will be taught and transmitted over 7 weeks covering the foundations to the pinnacle of the pathless path. The training will encompass mindfulness of the totality of bodymind experience, restive wakeful silence that is selfless and bright, and generating enlightening perplexity traditionally known as the "great doubt." Peeling away illusions to reveal and recognize one's "original face before one is born" is at the same time a return to innocence and immediacy of beginner's mind.


Email to indicate interest. When there is sufficient interest for a small group of students, dates will be organized for sessions to be conducted over Zoom.

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