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Meditation: Dissolving Stress

Meditation: Dissolving Stress


Begin your journey of meditation with this powerful course on freeing your mind victimised by stresses of distraction, busyness, conflict and self-hostility. Learn the brain hacks and mind artistry of (A)ttentiveness, the first activation of our signature ACE Meditation Journey.


FREE. Access this module on Awarezen's YouTube channel at You may support Awarezen by being a patron @Patreon or donate via PayPal.


    Meditation has the potential to unleash your life beyond mass distraction and conflict. One fundamental key is attentiveness, which includes mindfulness, letting go and letting be, and flowing in unforced grace in every golden moment.


    Here in this basic meditation program, we learn the art and science of being attentive to ourselves, others, and the larger context of our experience beyond the self.


    This module of self-paced online learning, activation, and embodiment consisting of 7 lessons over 7 days is all it takes. Each day of learning takes only 15 minutes of your time but it will be the best time spent on your personal growth.


    Here's what you will get in each 15 minute class each day:

    1. A teaching video packed with inspiration, wisdom, and tools from a master teacher, mentor, and coach
    2. Activations of wisdom energy that jumpstart your best self and lock in your new learnings
    3. Simple effective daily exercises to embody your insights in your everyday life


    Over the course of 7 days, you will be infused with new vision and energy and hardwired with new habits for living a meditative mind!

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