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Fri, 28 Jun


Awarezen Sanctuary. RSVP for Zoom link.

Christic Be:longing Satsang (North America and Asia)

Christic Be:longing seeks to support diverse peoples in coming to know Jesus, not so much as an answer but as a question — to live out a contemplatively profound life in the cosmotheandric Christ that is the ineffable seamless reality of God, cosmos, humanity, and indeed everything.

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Christic Be:longing Satsang (North America and Asia)
Christic Be:longing Satsang (North America and Asia)

Time & Location

28 Jun 2024, 10:00 am – 11:00 am SGT

Awarezen Sanctuary. RSVP for Zoom link.

About the event

We welcome people of all faiths or no faith to explore a deeper dimension of life in contemplative awareness. We are especially open to authentic inquiry into aspects of spiritual living, not shying away from existential issues and challenges of life's meaning and purpose. A vibrant living faith is not afraid to doubt, to interrogate, to question. It is total inquiry itself, which is open to the possibility and reality of not finding ready-made answers.

As a community of contemplatives, we meet regularly over Zoom for guided meditation and spiritual discussion. As conscious beings, we all have a deep and persistent longing for That which we intuit will satisfy us completely. We give many names for this ultimate reality, which is also the ultimate good and the source of genuine happiness. In religious language, we use the word "God" to  signify this reality. A Christic is a mystic  who radically inquires into living truth through contemplative praxis, entering into the ineffable uncreated reality that can be called "Christ." 

We will explore approaches of meditative inquiry from Buddhist Sutric and Tantric traditions including the direct awareness pathways of Zen,  Mahamudra, and Dzogchen. At their culmination and primordiality, even while traversing any path whether direct or indirect, there is actually no path to speak of — only sheer empty unknowing that is who we are and who Jesus is outside our usual mode of mental construction. At contemplatively mature times, to augment the pathless path and when spiritual potency and receptivity are present, there can be Zen transmission, Mahamudra and Dzogchen pointing-out instruction, and empowerment into the heart of Tantra stripped of ritualism. There is also a tremendous possibility for making this a platform for training in the Christ-Awakened Contemplative Process and Practice (CACPP)++. This is CACPP augmented by the processes and pragmatics of Tantra (both Tibetan and Indian) and Lojong (heart transformation). 

The context and tone of this unique Satsang is integral and devotional nonduality that cuts through the subtlest binaries of oneness and relationship, emptiness and personhood to rest as reality as it is. Experience — not religious dogmas or stories or theologies — is our practice ground. In contemplative practice, we come to experience  and taste this reality in a direct and immediate way, stripped of all  our conditioned concepts and stories. Here, we enter no-man's land where experience, not theology, is paramount. Here, being nobody and going nowhere, we find our longing incandescent in the the light of pure un-being. Relinquishing all false programs for happiness and liberating from the architecture of the false self, we finally come to rest in the heart of prayer where we belong — as who we really are, timelessly now and always.

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