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Blue Skies

A friend on the path


With forty-nine years of meditative experience, four decades of training in nondual wisdom teachings of Asia, and ten years of Christian spiritual and theological formation, I'm an experienced former university professor in Australia and Singapore with a Ph.D. in Studies in Religion (2003) from The University of Queensland. With 15 years' experience as occupational therapist in Singapore and Australia, I'm fully certified in Neurosemantics (2003) and Meta-Coaching (2004), trained in international relations (2009), and am now teaching and mentoring others in meditative practice and spiritual formation.


Since 1985, I've been taught by eminent teachers of meditation and nondual wisdom: in the lineages of early Buddhist Pali tradition; Chinese Chan (禪); Tibetan Buddhist Sutra, Tantra, Mahamudra, and Dzogchen; and North and South Indian Tantra in the ancient tradition of Shiva and Krishna. My heart teacher of meditation is the late Acariya Godwin Samararatne (1932-2000) of Nilambe Meditation Centre near Kandy, Sri Lanka. I've integrated my lifelong learnings into a direct, minimalist, immediate and relational process of nondual wisdom and practice. This is education for the whole person from the core outwards: activating the essence and emanations of human consciousness for a life of wholeness. In the white fire of pure awareness, all that you are not is purified. All that remains is who you really are: awakened and open to the uncreated grace that sets you free.

Since 2003, alongside my academic and meditation work, I’ve been working as an internationally-certified coaching professional who specializes in helping people cope with their issues. I coach and mentor my clients in a way that utilizes their heads, hearts, and spirits. By exposing dominant narratives, cutting off delusion,  touching the beauty of grace beyond the grip of self-occupied effort, and re-aligning one's body, mind, relationships, and world in synchrony with this timeless awakening — we become quietly subversive presences in a dystopic world. Enlivened in awareness and grace, we become co-participants in the mending and renewing of all that is broken in our world (tikkun olam).

I'm excited to connect with you. Do get in touch. Much blessings!

Chris Kang

無位散修 (Atammayato)

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