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The Christ Awakened Life: Meditation Beyond Boundaries


The Christ-Awakened Life: Meditation Beyond Boundaries is Chris Kang's new book released on the 27th of January 2023 by Wipf and Stock Publishers. It is a book on meditation in a genre of its kind.

This book discusses meditation practice as a disciple of Christ through the lenses and inflexions of Asian spiritual traditions. Inspired by the author's more than four decades of Buddhist spiritual formation and a transformative faith encounter with Jesus Christ during a sabbatical retreat, this book explores experiential, spiritual, and theological dimensions of contemplative practice for a Spirit-illumined, Spirit-transformed life towards spiritual maturity and Christlikeness.


It is a book that cuts across religious boundaries while honoring the essence of tradition by foregrounding the praxis of contemplative spirituality. Part spiritual autobiography, part theological reflection, and part meditation instruction manual, this book invites Buddhist and Christian practitioners as well as meditators of diverse traditions to engage with the spirit and content of this book in a journey of gospel-shaped contemplative and interspiritual adventure.

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