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Meditation: Being Boundless

Meditation: Being Boundless


You have meditated for quite a while and have tasted its benefits. You are hungry for deeper dives into the highest reaches of meditation. This is the program for you: deeply releasing into the 'original face' of your unborn natural awareness. Here we touch the ground of (E)nlightenment, the third and final activation of the ACE Meditation Journey.


FREE. Access this module on Awarezen's YouTube channel at You may support Awarezen by being a patron @Patreon or donate via PayPal.


    You arrive afresh at the end that is also the beginning of meditation. This program is where your past ideas of meditation get busted and vanish. All measures of success are irrelevant. You enter the realm of non-meditation, utterly free.


    Here in this advanced meditation program, we learn the art and science of simply being in a nondual space of centreless awareness. Forgiving is fundamental to entering this awareness. And not just that, but allowing all experience to emerge and evolve through you who is none other than the world.


    This module of self-paced online learning, activation, and embodiment consisting of 7 lessons over 7 days is all it takes. Each day of learning takes only 15 minutes of your time but it will be the best time spent on your personal growth ... ever.


    Here's what you will get in each 15 minute class each day:

    1. A teaching video packed with inspiration, wisdom, and tools from a master teacher, mentor, and coach
    2. Activations of wisdom energy that jumpstart your best self and lock in your new learnings
    3. Simple effective daily exercises to embody your insights in your everyday life


    Over the course of 7 days, you will be infused with new insights and energy to transcend conditioned thinking and rest in natural freedom!

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