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Meditation: Open Presence

Meditation: Open Presence


Beyond the gradual path of meditation and underlying all its methods, is the direct transmission of open presence. Touching the sheer immensity of unborn awareness, we glimpse reality afresh and find an overflow of love that we can call grace. In this nakedly transcendent yet everpresent now, all our problems and conditioned reactions melt into the white fire of truth as it is.


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    This is unlike all the courses offered at Awarezen. Being a wisdom offering from the heart of the teacher, it is perhaps best spoken of as a 'process of transmission and connection.'


    There are no steps and stages, no props or tools. Only simple direct naked introduction to reality as it is, here and now. This pointing-out of the innermost truth of your own Being can take place anytime during the course of this program.


    Much depends on the coming together of many factors: for instance, readiness and responsiveness of student; conduciveness of environment and life circumstance; and the opportune unveiling of essential aware being.


    This transmission and connection takes place over 7 lessons across 7 days of profound unlearning and relearning. Each daily session takes only 15 minutes of your time where student and teacher connect in digital space with a loving spirit of mutual co-presence.


    Here's what you will receive in each 15 minute class each day:

    1. A teaching video of immediate heartfelt teachings on your true nature and potentials of your deepest consciousness
    2. Spontaneous master pointings of awareness that directly speak to your heart
    3. Transmission of simple direct practices that refresh and re-activate your insights of nondual presence for everyday embodiment


    Over the course of 7 days, you will connect with your teacher in a non-judging compassionate space where your innate freedom, joy, and peace can blossom.

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