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BOOK (New Edition) | The Tantra of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar

BOOK (New Edition) | The Tantra of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar


This book is a phenomenological-dialogical examination of the spiritual teachings of Prabhāt Rañjan Sarkar, founder-preceptor of Ananda Marga (AM), as contained in English-language publications of Sarkar’s spiritual and philosophical discourses. Through a broad critical and comparative survey of Sarkar’s spiritual theory and praxis with selected ancient, classical, and medieval expressions of Indian spirituality, this book reveals a deep comprehensive system of Sarkarian tantric philosophy conjoined with tantric meditative methods aimed at expanding, transforming, and liberating the mind. More importantly, it supports the assertion that Sarkar, while overtly non-aligned with any specific or recognised disciplic lineage (sampradaya) of Hindu or Buddhist origin, is nevertheless an authentic interpreter, teacher, and guru of Indian Tantra for the contemporary audience. Newly released in its 20th anniversary edition, this book will interest scholars and practitioners of Indian spirituality and meditation alike. Email us for a copy of PDF eBook. By donation (suggested $15-20).

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