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Contemplation: Encounter Grace

Contemplation: Encounter Grace


Beyond the gradual path of meditation and direct transmission of open presence, there is an encounter with grace that shatters all preconceptions and former identities. Not a product of self-effort whether by gradual practice or direct insight, this unborn encounter is at once timeless and embedded in time. Once touched by the grace of God in Christ, former things pass away and one is made new and whole in deepest being. Even the most hidden crimson stain is washed dazzling white as snow as one surrenders in faith to the absolute embrace of grace in the person-event of Jesus Christ.


FREE. Access this module on Awarezen's YouTube channel at You may support Awarezen by being a patron @Patreon or donate via PayPal.


    This is the 'courseless' course of Awarezen. Being a grace offering through the heart of the teacher, it is perhaps best spoken of as a 'process of encounter beyond all self-effort.'


    There are no steps and stages, no props or tools, no direct naked introduction to reality - profound as this is. There is only a mutual co-presencing between teacher and student held in the infinite Presence that is neither this nor that, here nor there, intimately personal yet free of any egocentricity.


    Much depends on the coming together of many factors: for instance, readiness and responsiveness of student; conduciveness of environment and life circumstance; the kairos or divinely-appointed timing of ultimate reality; and the unforced initiative and cadence of sovereign grace.


    This grace-soaked encounter takes place over 7 lessons across 7 days of profound unlearning and relearning. Each daily session takes only 15 minutes of your time where student and teacher connect in digital space with a loving spirit of mutual co-presence.


    Here's what you will receive in each 15 minute class each day:

    1. A teaching video of immediate heartfelt teachings on the nature and potentials of the Absolute beyond creation
    2. Spontaneous master pointings to the grace of God in Christ that directly speak to your heart
    3. Transmission of simple direct reminders of your experience of grace for everyday embodiment


    Over the course of 7 days, you will connect with your teacher in a non-judging compassionate space where your innate freedom, joy, and peace can blossom. This is also where inbreaking grace can free you into Life beyond anything you can ask or imagine, if only you will believe into Jesus.

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