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Contemplation: Grace Transforms

Contemplation: Grace Transforms


All paths and non-path find their end in an encounter with the grace of God that pulverises bondage to self-autonomy and rebellion. Grace works powerfully to inform, conform, and transform us into the image and likeness of Christ who is grace-enfleshed. Neither a thing nor an impersonal force, grace is verily embodied in a person—Jesus—who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (see John 14:6). Not merely a revealer of the way to enlightened salvation but the Way itself. Not just a teacher pointing to truth but the Truth itself. And not simply a coach for a better life but the Life itself. We will explore the beauty, depth, and richness of incarnational grace, living a cross-shaped life, practicing gospel-shaped meditation, and more.


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    This is the culmination of all paths and non-path at Awarezen. It is the ongoing journey of grace-inspired, Spirit-empowered maturation in a life beyond self-driven spirituality.


    There are no steps and stages, no props or tools, no direct naked introduction to reality - profound as this is. There is only a mutual co-presencing between teacher and student held in the infinite loving Presence of Christ who became flesh, lived perfectly, died on the cross and resurrected to eternal newness, and exalted to divine glory into Father in the Spirit.


    Much depends on the coming together of many factors: for instance, readiness and responsiveness of student; conduciveness of environment and life circumstance; the kairos or divinely-appointed timing of ultimate reality; and providence of God in the unforced cadence of sovereign grace.


    This grace-soaked encounter takes place over 7 lessons across 7 days of profound unlearning and relearning. Each daily session takes only 15 minutes of your time where student and teacher connect in digital space with a loving spirit of mutual co-presence.


    Here's what you will receive in each 15 minute class each day:

    1. A teaching video of immediate heartfelt teachings on the reception and sinking of grace truths into your heart
    2. Spontaneous master pointings to grace-shaped living and meditation to the glory of Christ
    3. Transmission of simple direct reminders to embrace diversity in grace and co-create things anew in Christ


    Over the course of 7 days, you will connect with your teacher in a non-judging grace-filled space where your faith, joy, hope and love can be strengthened into the fullness of Christ. This is also where sanctifying grace can enable and empower a sanctification of your soul and character to the glory of God.

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