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Personal Meditation Guidance

Personal Meditation Guidance

Awarezen's unique and personalised 121 guidance on meditation practice is for those seeking deeper integration and insight on the path of awakening. If you are able and willing to dedicate yourself to daily meditation practice and extended meditation retreats on a regular basis sustained over one’s lifetime, with a view to deeper realizations where one becomes irreversible on the path, then the teacher appears as your spiritual friend and guide on the way.


Instructions and transmissions will be personalized. Opportunities to discuss and work through personal challenges on the path avail themselves. Working with a teacher can save you time and facilitate a smoother process towards awakening and liberation. With spontaneous pointing-out instructions and incisive questioning, a teacher can elicit in the disciple insights and awakening experiences. A teacher can also help illuminate meditative experiences and bridge theory and practice in the course of meditation. Pitfalls are avoided and advice given for authentic non-erroneous practice.


Email if you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity and blessing.

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