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Spiritual Companioning

Spiritual Companioning


Avail yourself of spiritual companioning, a heartfelt process of deep co-presencing in the presence of the Spirit of Christ where an open, quiet space is held for recognizing and leaning into the movements of grace in your life. All sessions held online over Zoom.


FREE. When you sign up on this webpage with your email address, we will contact you by email to arrange a suitable time for your first introductory session. No obligations thereafter. You may support Awarezen by being a patron @Patreon or donate via PayPal.



    Spiritual companioning is a gospel-shaped, Spirit-alive, and Spirit-led process of deep co-presencing and dialoging wherein one can enter an open field of silence and vibrancy in Christ, coming to recognise the movements of grace in their lives and leaning into these movements in faith, trust, and surrender to God.


    Through this process, one can see more clearly what God is showing them; hear more clearly what God is saying to them; and sense more perceptively what God is impressing upon them. Often, there ensues greater clarity and conviction of one’s life direction, healing of deep wounds, and restoration of life within one’s soul. There may be tears of weeping and rejoicing, exulting joy and profound peace, and luminosity and silence of heart assured in God’s gift of salvific grace. The Lord sees and loves you.


    The role of the spiritual companion is to hold that quiet vast space of Spirit-aliveness for you in the presence of Christ, asking pertinent sanctified questions as and when needed while being led by the Spirit of God. May you be blessed and grow in Christ.


    All sessions held online over Zoom. Please contact Chris at for your specific Zoom link.

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