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World Scripture Contemplations

World Scripture Contemplations

Join Dr Chris Kang as he reflects and shares on diverse scriptural passages from various spiritual traditions, from a meditative perspective that surprisingly leads to a Christ-centred focus and understanding.


This series of contemplative lab sessions hopes to inculcate a heightened sensitivity to spiritual wisdom that can help humanity navigate treacherous existential crises of our time and build ultimate resilience. It is part of the FREE offering of the Asian Centre for Creative Theology directed and founded by Dr Chris Kang. They were recorded in 2021 in the midst of the Covid pandemic and reflect a theology that has been now superseded. Our current cosmotheology is one of an integral cosmotheadric God seamless with the cosmos and humanity. Listeners, be pre-informed.


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    Word Scripture Contemplations is a contemplative lab series where Dr Chris Kang, director and founder of ACCT, explores a selection of scriptural verses and passages from across world spiritual traditions in a meditative light. Without deep spiritual literacy, our human civilisation is at risk of self-destruction starting with inner decay and spiritual death. This is a fact not willingly acknowledged by societal powers conditioned by capitalist mindsets and captured by vested interests, drunk with the status quo.


    Evocative readings and recitations, intuitive and revelatory insights, poetic rhythms and musical cadences all add to the richness and beauty of timeless wisdom shared for personal and collective illumination, for the creation of a culture of peace beyond dogma, egotism, and prejudice.


    You may access these video contemplative sessions here:

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